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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Changes...and what a MESS!!!!

As promised in an earlier post I have decided to make a few changes to the The Painted Cupboard. When I started this blog back in August of 2009, I thought it would be a great way to help advertise and sell -which it was ( I also sell on KSL) the cute furniture that I have been refinishing for years....Although, during my long winter break, I had quite a bit of time to reflect on the direction I want this blog to go in...
Therefore, I have decided to make it more of a "decorating" blog than a "furniture selling" blog. Let's face it, it's about time I openly ADMIT that about 98% of what I refinish ends up becoming MINE anyway!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong...I will continue to sell some things (especially adorable little girl pieces that with only having little boys, I for sure don't need!) and if you happen to see something I have posted and just can't live without it....send me an email and maybe, just maybe I will let it go!!! :)
Hopefully, focusing on "decorating" will kick me into gear and I might actually clean up this MESS!!! * If you think this is bad....I also have a 10 x 16 storage unit in Lehi that is just as FULL!!

What can I say.....I love furniture and a great bargain too!

So, what I hope to accomplish from this change...is for me to finish all the projects I have going on in my house, my garage and my little head and document them all for you to see!
I guess I had better start getting BUSY!!


  1. It's really not that bad. I am a lover of furniture as well. You should check out my house on my blog. The whole house is full of furniture that I have refinished. I will enjoy your blog as a decorating blog. Wonderful idea!

  2. Thanks Lindsey, I hope to get a few more things accomplished with a little "pressure" from the blog :). You home is gorgeous!! I can't believe you are moving but, a farm sounds sooo nice!! Good Luck!

  3. ha, ha, looks like my garage!!

    good luck with that :)

  4. Had to come back and re-type....I always forget about the captcha.
    I could hear my furniture laughing in the basement when I pulled up this post.....well not really but it did make me smile a evil little smile! What is KSL? Is it like Craigslist? I am wanting to start selling some refabed pieces but don't know how to start. Do you ship or sell local? ANY tips would be greatly appreciated.

  5. One Life Many Journeys, thank you for all your sweet comments!! Yes, KSL is like a Craigslist here in Utah ( where are you located?). I have had great success selling things on both actually. I do ship if it is something small...I also stencil wooden signs and can ship those for sure. I hand cut each stencil so the options are limitless when it comes to sayings, names, or whatever someone can come up with. Hope that helps!!


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