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Monday, August 8, 2011


I've been meaning to get around to this post for several months now (I sure hope I remember how to do this!)... I am very happy to report that life is going extremely well for me and my family!!
Just a quick overview as to what we have been up to over the last 9 months (WOW!!)...
As I last posted in October, my husband and I did actually separate for a total of 9 weeks. That was a very difficult and challenging time. I honestly did not think I was going to make it through so much stress and uncertainty but, I am elated to report that we are back together and fully committed to our marriage and family! Honestly, if it wasn't for my faith, family, marriage counseling, incredible neighbors and ward members, the power of prayer and most importantly the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, I don't think I would have survived!!! I have definitely learned to lean on my Savior and his Atoning Sacrifice for strength, answers and for the ability to forgive.
Now that we are in such a wonderful place in our lives...it is now time to become an Eternal Family! We are in the process of preparing to be sealed for Time and All Eternity as a family in the Manti Temple...
I can't wait!
This summer has also been crazy, busy with 4 active boys!!
We have spent lots of time using our season passes at Lagoon (Utah amusement park)
We attended Stadium of Fire. Brad Paisley was AMAZING!!!
We have also spent a lot of time bike riding, hiking, swimming and much, much more...
And now that school is about to start, it's time for... WEST LAKE THUNDER FOOTBALL!!!
So, as you can see we have been pretty busy although, I have definitely found plenty of time to squeeze in lots of furniture refinishing too...I will post about those projects a little later.
I hope that everyone has had a fun, safe and eventful summer too...
Now, I had better get back to painting!
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