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Friday, June 25, 2010

~A Day of Organization~

This was a crazy busy day...starting with dental appointments for the kiddos and ending with cleaning this AWFUL storage unit!
The appointments took much LONGER than I had anticipated so we were in major crunch time in order to get this place cleaned out. This storage space is where I store most of the unfinished furniture I will either be selling or keeping as I re-do it. It is a 10x16 size and has worked quite well for the past couple years although, I haven't been using it's vertical space very well until today!
My goal was to pull EVERYTHING out with the help of my 11 year old (he's one tough guy!!) while the other 3 kiddos played ( yeah right! - I should say...cried, whined and fought!) and then stack things appropriately so that I had a little space left over to store finished pieces waiting to be sold.
Unfortunately, because we were behind on time...I completely forgot to take a before pic. You will have to trust me that there was about a 1/2 inch of space between the door and the last piece of furniture. I could not fit one more thing in there!
It took us 2 hours in this horrible Utah heat (west facing of course!) but,
here it is now!! I have about a 4x4 ft space to work with. YAY!!
Thank you Jackson!

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  1. Good job, Jackson! Oh man, I miss having my son at home to help me! (He's married with a home of his own, now) I hate tackling projects like this and totally LOVE IT when I'm finally finished. It always feels so good to "fix" that annoying thing that is tickling the back of my mind. I see the cool stuff in your storage and am looking forward to your finished projects.


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