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Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is in and let me tell you...this thing was HEAVY!!! There was no way I could possibly wait for my husband to get home from work to help me so...I did it all by myself!!! Which is what I normally do anyway :) (I can't even begin to tell you the things I have carried and lifted while being pregnant - I know pretty stupid)! Well, although it nearly KILLED me going up a flight of stairs, I made it and I love it. And the best part is that it looks exactly how I had pictured it would and I am so thrilled. I do need to finish accessorizing it (project and pictures coming soon) and I need to paint the room but that is going to have to wait because there are a few more projects in line first...


  1. Wow, this mantel is stunning! I love how you finished it. Really laughed about you lugging it up the stairs by yourself, sounds like me. Husband never does anything fast enough so I end up doing it. Then he'll say: "I was gonna do that". I think it's his trick to get out of things...
    Looking forward to reading your past posts.

  2. Oh yea April!! I'd like to thank you for showing your beautiful work to this fireplace. We bought a very similar gas fireplace mantle...it was a new in the box bargain off craigslist and has a common oak finish. I didnt care for it from day one ,but hubs runs under the impression that a wood finish is better than painted.(i don't agree with veneer).We are total opposites on this belief. Your mantle has helped me show him how beautiful painting it can be and more importantly how i can make ours flow with the appearance of our interior. (Old Farmhouse)
    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration....again!


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